Why did Jesus come? 

This is the question Dr. Tackett asks at the start of the Truth Project. In our Awaken area, we focus on helping you develop a systematic, comprehensive Biblical worldview. In other words, a view of all of life through the lenses of God's Truth.  

Do You Really Believe?

Del asks the question, "Do you really believe that what you believe is really real?" Consider going through the Truth Project (or, if you have already, revisit the lessons to refresh your knowledge of God's Truth).

Change Happens in Community

We are convinced that lasting transformation happens in the context of relationships, and ideally, in a small group in a home. It's where we can wrestle with the Truth claims of God is a safe place.

Dig Deeper & Share What You Know

The Truth Project, Cross Examine and Del's other resources set believers on an ongoing journey to "gaze upon the face of God." Continue to dig deeper and consider leading a small group to help others grow.

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