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Week in Review: 12.2016

  • Islamic terrorism is the modern world’s bubonic plague. In five years, from 1347 to 1352, the plague ended the lives of 25 million people. Terrorism hasn’t reach those numbers yet, but with the development of chemical and nuclear arsenals, it certainly could. And, like the plague, Islamic terrorism strikes without warning and it kills women, children, old, young. Last week, a suicide bomber, took 37 lives and injured 125 in Ankara, Turkey. The same day, armed men attacked a beach resort in Ivory Coast, slaughtering 16. Yesterday, a suicide attack in Istanbul killed 5 and injured 36. But we usually only hear about the big ones. The averages are quite stark. I took the raw numbers from 2007 to 2013 and EACH MONTH we are averaging 926 terrorists attacks, killing 1,470 people, injuring 2,669 people and kidnapping 476 people. Yes, it is true that those numbers are found primarily in the Middle Eastern nations and there are a number of people who are trying to play down terrorism saying that it doesn’t affect us here. But that is not only naïve, it is also callous and self-centered.
  • Reports last week told us that ISIS is forcing their female prisoners of terrorism to take birth control because it is “unholy” for a Muslim to have sex with a pregnant woman but okay to rape them as long as they are not pregnant. Consequently, the terrorist’s motivation to force “the pill” down their throats so they can keep raping them with a clear conscience. And we should ignore this because it isn’t happening here?
  • ISIS released a video showing the bonfire they built out of Bibles and Christian literature. This was in Mosul, a center for Iraq’s Christian population. It was overrun in 2014 and the Christians are all gone, dead or fled. The persecution of Christians is not new nor the attempt to eradicate the Bible. All attempts in the past have failed and they will continue to fail. But the tragedy is real and should put us on our knees praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who will be losing their lives or homes today because of their faith.
  • The House unanimously passed a resolution condemning Islamic State’s targeted actions against Christians and other groups, calling it “genocide” and “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”. The images of Christians being marched out onto the beach and beheaded or the 147 Christians singled out and shot in the Garissa University in Kenya or the massive number of churches burned and pastors murdered come to mind. The Administration, however, balked at the resolution, thinking that it was a little over the top to use words like “genocide” and “war crimes”. After all, we wouldn’t want to have a legal problem with the language or end up hurting anyone’s feelings here.
  • Iran, who convinced the Administration that they were really nice people and that their nuclear program was dedicated to develop nuclear power (in a nation that is awash in fossil fuel) continues to act strangely at odds with the picture they sold the President. In gratitude for the billions of dollars released to them, they have renewed their vow to wipe Israel from the face of the planet; they have renewed their “death to America” rhetoric; they kidnapped U.S. sailors; and this week, in violation of U.N. resolutions, they test fired a long-range ballistic missile. I suppose this was simply testing a new transportation system to deliver nuclear power plants to other areas of the world. Silly us.
  • Call me a skeptic, but the President’s nomination of Merrick Garland to take the seat vacated by the still extremely saddening death of Justice Scalia, appears to me to be a calculated political ploy. With the Senate vowing not to examine any nominee, but to wait for the next President, this nomination will put the Republican’s in a no-win position. If they now examine him, they will again appear wishy-washy. If they don’t, they will be clearly portrayed by Blue Media as obstructionist and playing politics and that will disgust them in the eyes of the citizenry even more than they already are…although it is tough to believe that their ratings could go any lower. In my opinion, the Republicans made a huge mistake when they loudly announced that they would refuse to consider any nomination by this President. Because, he then craftily nominated a perceived, but not, moderate Garland. This was a brilliant move by Obama. As we now head closer to the general election, it may become quite clear that Hillary will be the next President, which will happen by a landslide if Trump is the Republican candidate. The Republicans will be faced with the dilemma of having to consider whether they are going to get a better deal with Garland or a nominee from Clinton. Either way, they will be backed into a corner they should have never painted themselves into. [see today's blog post: Senate Outfoxed Playing Politics Versus Taking a Stand]
  • I am not a fan of the Federal Health Care plan. Many who chose to not buy a Federal policy will be fined this year when they pay their taxes. The average fine will be $378 compared to $172 for last year. This is why I have to snicker (as I sadly shake my head) when we hear the boasting of the numbers that have “signed up”. That is like boasting about the number of people who were in front of the firing squad and given a choice to walk away if they wanted. By the way, the Administration craftily used the millions of illegal immigrants to boost the number of “uninsured” in America to help sell the deal in the beginning. Now, illegal immigrants have been dropped from the uninsured numbers to boost the numbers in the laws favor. This is unethical, but it is how politics plays with numbers. And, by the way, it irritates me that we continually lose freedoms to the Federal Beast. In this case, those who wish to “self-insure”, which has been my objective for much of my adult life—to save enough to pay for your own refrigerator repairs or car repairs or even life insurance, when you know that it makes economic sense to do so—are no longer allowed the freedom to make that choice. “Pro-choice” only gets a liberal thumbs up when it comes to killing pre-born babies, not for choosing to insure yourself or where to send your kids to school or to buy a gun or not make a cake or drink a big-gulp in New York.
  • In the middle of Venezuela, one of the world’s most devastated economies, sits a utopian city. It’s name? Socialist City of Hugo Chavez. 15,000 people, mostly poor, were picked to populate the city where most everything is free. People don’t have to work if they don’t want to. They are totally dependent upon the Venezuelan government. It became the showplace for socialism, to provide a picture of what it could be like all over the country…new building, clean streets, and grocery stores whose shelves were full. The problem is that reality is beginning to set in. The government is having a hard time finding the money to continue to fund it and it is having to fend off increased pressure from the extremely poor who live on the other side of the police checkpoints who are breaking in to get their share. Socialism is a sham. It has never, ever worked and it never will. It runs counter to God’s design in virtually every area of life. The Socialists who are in charge love it, because all power is consolidated at their level. But the mass of people, the citizenry, will eventually suffer horribly as the Ponzi scheme inevitably will crash. I shake my head at the number of Americans who increasingly buy this fraudulent line.
  • In a shake-down USA Today article, “climate deniers” were linked with allies of slavery and colonialism. Climate deniers are those who dare think that we are not on a fast track to global Armageddon due to our use of fossil fuels—those two dastardly words that Blue Media has manipulated into a phrase which, when spoken, must be followed with a look of disgust and a contemptuous spit on the imagined grave of oil and coal companies. The author claims that the issue of climate change is just as morally fraught today as slavery was in the 19th century. I find myself becoming numb to the insanity of that which masquerades as journalism today. Equating someone who looks at the data and the bias in the global warming climate models and says “I don’t think so” to someone who supported human slavery is beyond the realm of any sensibility I know of. Beware, for this is the media world we live in. When truth is abandoned, one if free to manipulate others with whatever means that seem to be effective…and to do it without guilt or shame.
  • On a very positive note, my daughter and her husband are in China at the moment I am writing this, in an orphanage receiving their new little girl, Grace. We are praying that she will immediately recognize them as her long awaited mommy and daddy.

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Mt. Shukstan Filming: Ice Age Issues

I just got home from filming a segment for the documentary “Is Genesis History?

We were with Dr. Larry Vardiman in northwest Washington State.

Snowshoes required.

Mt. Baker holds the world’s record for annual snowfall: 1140 inches…nearly 100 feet of snow. That is why we were there. There is a gorgeous glacier on a sister peak, Mt. Shukstan, (my picture above) that was breath-taking.

Our purpose was to talk about the Ice Age and the issue of Ice Core dating.

There is too much to relate here, but the key thing that we talked about was that you don’t get an Ice Age by merely turning down the temperature. That is a misconception. A cold earth, by itself, would not get you an “Ice” Age. It might get you a “Cold” Age, but it couldn’t produce the amount of snow and glacier ice that is associated with an “Ice Age” as we commonly think of it. Cold air holds less moisture and the colder it gets, the less it holds. The old saying “It’s too cold to snow" is technically true.

So how do you get an Ice Age?

There are two key prerequisites that have to be present: a very warm ocean and, at the same time, cold continents. This seems to be incompatible. But that is the point. An Ice Age isn’t easy to come by. Normal conditions don’t get you there. An Ice Age isn’t something that just happens every once in a while with the normal, small fluctuations in the earth’s climate. That is why scientists who follow the conventional paradigm confess that the Ice Age is a puzzling phenomenon. This mystery has resulted in many different theories (68 at one count) and multiple Ice Ages (as many as 30 or more). But the reason for the lack of clarity is primarily due to the extremely unique and contradictory factors that must be in place in order to have an Ice Age.

A uniformitarian view of earth history isn’t going to get it.

You need something strange to happen…very strange and very abnormal.

Like a catastrophe.

So what could have created very warm oceans and cold continents simultaneously?

Dr. Vardiman is a “paleoclimatologist”. That means his specialty is in studying the earth’s climates in the past. He is convinced that we have only had one Ice Age and it occurred immediately after the catastrophic events of the Flood. That catastrophe, recorded for us in the ancient records, provides exactly the kind of unique conditions necessary to bring about an Ice Age…for which, by the way, we have a great deal of evidence all around the world.

At the start of the Flood, there were massive eruptions in the oceans, “the great deep”. Some of those released water bound up below and others released hot magma. If you study a map of the ocean floors, you will find the remnant of this in what looks like a huge “baseball seam” that extends around the world. The hot magma, and possibly the high friction caused by the movement of the tectonic plates, heated the oceans to almost 100 degrees. There is sufficient evidence in seabed cores that substantiate ocean temperatures this high. At the same time, the volcanic ash, among other particulates, reflected the sun’s heat and lowered the temperatures on the continents. This created both elements necessary for an Ice Age. The warm oceans, even in the Arctics, then produced huge amounts of evaporations and the colder continents and the atmosphere turned this water vapor into massive amounts of snow. The earth’s climate during this 500-year period was radically different that today. The air currents over the oceans and continents produced a continual series of huge snowstorms that laid down thousands of feet of snow. As the snow depth grew, the weight compacted the snow below, pressed out the air, and created layers and layers of ice. Some of that ice became glaciers (which move) and some became ice sheets (more stagnant)…even as far south as St. Louis, Missouri in North America.

This single Ice Age was a transitional epoch that extended from the end of the Flood for hundreds of years until the oceans cooled sufficiently to end the high rate of evaporation.

Dr. Kurt Weis, whom we filmed earlier, spoke of this unique period as the “Arpachshad Epoch”, named after Arpachshad, one of Noah’s grandsons. It was a period in which the earth continued to “tremble” for hundreds of years after the deep catastrophe of the Flood. It was marked with massive secondary floods from trapped water, but more importantly, significant and numerous volcanic eruptions. These eruptions would have kept injecting high amounts of aerosols into the atmosphere, blocking the sun and keeping the continents cold while the ocean remained warm enough to continue evaporating large volumes of water into the atmosphere.

Climate models, when seeded with the assumptions of the catastrophic Flood, predict a massive amount of ice and snow, sufficient to explain all of the Ice Age evidence that we find around the world. Those models also predict that some portions of the earth would have been devoid of glaciation and some areas would have been actually dry enough toward the end of the Ice Age to create huge dust storms. Dr. Varidam and others believe these dust storms are partially responsible for some of the post-Flood extinctions and also provide an answer for the disappearance of the wooly mammoths and how some have been found strangely preserved, frozen in the permafrost of Siberia and Alaska.

I was also fascinated by our discussion of the evidence in the ice cores. The conventional paradigm tells us that the ice cores in Greenland and the Antarctica prove not only multiple ice ages, but also long time periods…in the hundreds of thousands of years. But Dr. Vardiman was adamant that the evidence doesn’t support those conclusions.  In fact, he excitedly told me that the ice in Greenland has preserved everything from the beginning of the Ice Age following the Flood and that an examination of the ice cores show the high volume of volcanic ash at the bottom, just as would be predicted from a Genesis paradigm.

I am increasingly amazed at the intelligence and dedication these scientists have. They have faced a tough road in our current scientific world. The conventional paradigm has tons of money that can fund its research. Creation scientists get none of that. Many are hounded or thwarted during their university studies, exceedingly so, as has been documented by various studies, including Bergman’s “Slaughter of the Dissidents”. But these men have remained faithful and are increasingly convinced that the evidence, if looked at without bias, points to the historical narrative that we have been given in Genesis.

[For those of you who have asked, we hope the film will release this Fall.]


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Week in Review: 10.2016

  • Colorado still suffers from its worse toxic spill in history. It is now asserted by an investigation panel that the EPA purposely breached the Gold King mine, sending 3 million gallons of toxic waste filled with lead, arsenic and other contaminants into downstream rivers in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. It is much bigger than the 2010 BP oil spill in the gulf that brought out the condemnation of every Blue mouthpiece in the country. But when the EPA does it and it could possibly lead to more EPA power, using their “superfund” regulations in light of this “horrible disaster”, then it is hardly a surprise that we hear nary a peep about it. This is the battle that occurs when we have lost the press as a watchdog voice to government tyranny. It is one of our greatest losses in America.
  • Trump sullied not only the office of President as a candidate, but our whole country making vulgar comments about his anatomy. For the life of me, I don’t understand why evangelicals are supporting him when they have other great options during the primary.
  • I am concerned. In Salt Lake City, two police officers were called to a scene where two males were beating a third male with metal rods. The officers ordered them to stop. One did but the other raised his metal weapon as if to strike the victim again. The police shot him and the bystanders began yelling obscenities and throwing rocks and bottles at the policemen. A hundred policemen were called in to deal with the riot. We are breeding a catastrophic hatred and disregard for authority and the rule of law. This does not bode well for people in urban areas and our nation. Soon, the police are going to simply let the thugs go. In this case, one more blow to the head and the victim might have died. Police are increasingly being put in a no-win position.
  • As evidence of this, an article this week presented the ugly picture in Chicago, which has one of the toughest gun laws in the nation. Homicides and shootings have doubled in the first two months of 2016 compared to last year…95 murders in 60 days…which is hard to imagine. As usual, instead of dealing with the root problem, the police are being held as the culprit because there is evidence, not surprisingly, that in the midst of being labeled the bad guy and increasingly targeted and killed, it appears that the police are being more cautious about engaging. There have been 80% less street stops in Chicago this year. I personally don’t blame them because they are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t”. All of us should be concerned about this, even if you don’t live in an urban area. When a culture begins to break down, it can happen quite rapidly.
  • Leonard Pitts, one of the most racist columnists in America, took on Ben Carson in his recent column. I have yet to read one of his articles where his hatred of whites isn’t quite apparent. But Leonard isn’t just black, he is primarily blue. He not only takes on whites, but he similarly lumps any black who isn’t blue into his pot of hated stew. Because Ben Carson spoke against Obama care, he is to be loathed…along with any other conservative black, such as Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas or Walter Williams…heroes, by the way, of mine. I remember standing on the South Lawn of the White House with wet eyes as Justice Thomas was sworn in because of the hatred poured out against him. But not because he was black. But because he wasn’t blue. Don’t be fooled. It is often not race, but a worldview that is thicker than blood or genes or flags.
  • The headlines read that Trump won big on Super Tuesday and Saturday. The reality is somewhat less than that. While he was declared the winner in Kentucky, he got 17 delegates and Cruz got 15. Initially declared the winner in Louisiana, Trump got 18 delegates and Cruz got 18. Declared the winner in Virginia, he got 17 and Rubio 16. So, we learn what we should already know, Blue Media is going to continue to make Trump look good and give him a pass on his vulgar, hateful, disrespectful speech. Why? Because Blue Media is beside themselves with glee over the possibility that Trump will become the Republican nominee. Why? Because all polls show that Trump cannot win against either Hillary or Bernie. Not only that, but can you imagine the guns they can turn upon Trump during the main election? He will held up as the vile, self-centered, power-hungry, last-person-on-earth-you-want-with-a-finger-on-the-nuclear-button, most un-presidential person in the whole world that he is. Trump won’t stand a chance against the Blue Media in a red versus blue election. Worldview trumps everything. Read the headlines carefully. The bias is huge in this election. Everything will be pointed toward the impending demise of conservatism in America…which, of course, is Blue Media’s objective.
  • The military are now recruiting women into combat jobs, thanks to the current Administration, including special operations roles, such as the Navy SEALs. There are promises that standards will not be lowered nor will “quotas” be enforced, but I am a skeptic here. I am also of the opinion that you never put a woman in harms way. This, I know, is out of the main stream of thought in a country that has attempted to put a big chip on every woman’s shoulder to be offended if there be any hint of chauvinism anywhere. I still think that it is proper for a man to open a door for a woman or assist her in putting a heavy piece of luggage in an overhead compartment. I also am a realist and recognize that, despite modern blabber, there are significant differences between male and female. In many, many ways, the female is superior to the male. But when we ignore that and put men and women in the confines of a submarine for months at a time and are then shocked to find that we have to deal with significant “hanky panky” on board and women come back from a tour pregnant, it is, to me, another piece in the pile of evidence that we have lost all common sense and have become fools.
  • North Korea has blustered again with Kim Jong-un ordering his nuclear weapons armed and ready for an attack against Washington D.C. and Seoul, South Korea. We will essentially ignore that threat, however, just as we have been passive in the aggressive moves of Putin in Ukraine, Turkey and now Syria. Some think that passivity is the right approach; others think that passivity will eventually lead to drastic measures, just as being passive toward a spot on your skin that looks threatening. Let it go long enough and it can bite you.
  • Speaking of Syria, the situation looks bleak. In five years of conflict there, over 250,000 people have lost their lives and 11 million have fled their homes with over four million fleeing the country as refugees. Many Christians fear that they will be subject to genocide in the refugee camps and are therefore refusing to take sanctuarly there. This dumps a double plight upon refugee Christians.


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Do Not Be Dismayed

As our culture increasingly rejects God and moves toward Public Atheism, it is progressively removing all symbols that point to Him. A week ago, the “MIA/POW” table in the Ohio VA clinic in Akron included a Bible, which has been a military tradition for generations. However, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, headed by Mikey Weinstein, complained that it violated the U.S. Constitution and the Bible is now gone. Weinstein has been on a personal vendetta to remove any hint of a Christian presence from the military. He has virtually stripped it from the Air Force Academy and not much is left in the others. In its place, Weinstein has entrenched his agnostic/atheistic worldview. Rather than fight, the Ohio clinic administrator, Brian Reinhart, simply caved and removed the Bible on his own. This is the increasingly acquiescent pattern as our country bows to its Covenant of Tolerance and becomes ever more intolerant to transcendent Truth.

As public atheism rises, the Remnant will be increasingly forced underground. It is a new role for us, but we will need to learn more and more how to impact our culture through personal relationships. I think that is where we should have been working all along.

Fifty years ago next month, just prior to Easter, Time magazine ran its infamous “Is God Dead” cover story, stating how science and a secular worldview were unseating America’s religious foundation. A few months later, John Lennon, on the eve of the Beatles assault on America, declared that “Christianity will go…it will vanish and shrink…we’re more popular than Jesus…”

It is easy for us today to think that Time and Lennon’s prophecy are coming true. But several things have to be kept in perspective. Lennon is gone and Time magazine is in its death throes.

In 1776, Voltaire boasted that he would destroy Christianity and in the 1800’s, Robert Ingersoll declared he would have the Bible in the morgue within 15 years. Instead, both Voltaire and Ingersoll lie in the morgue. From the Greek writer Porphyry to the Emperor Diocletian to the terrorists who are killing thousands of Christians each year, the attack on Christianity is not new. The war began in the garden and came to a crescendo at the cross.

But it didn’t end there.

And it isn’t ending here.

Yes, we in America are seeing signs of a culture that is embracing Public Atheism and the numbers show that we are declining. But don’t misunderstand what is happening.

There remains a huge Remnant in this land and we remain for a reason. By now, we should look like France or the Netherlands.

But we do not.

There is a winnowing that is going on.

Don’t be overly distraught by the stripping of God from our public square. Don’t despair over the rise of a “Neo-Christianity” that is increasingly more about the individual and one’s own religious pleasure and comfort. Don’t be confused by the number of supposed “evangelicals” that are supporting a vulgar and immoral man.

We are in a battle that has been fought by our forefathers for thousands of years. And, it also appears to me that this is part of a great sifting within the Body of Christ.

We have been preserved for this time.

If we need to go underground, then we will do so. If we have to return to slowly impact our culture through personal, one-on-one relationships, then I think we will have been forced back into His original desire anyway. If we are forced to encourage one another in smaller groups, then that might well be for the best.

Do not be dismayed, dear Remnant. The giants in the land are nothing in His sight. We are here by His providential hand and we will His might and by His strength.

Be of great cheer!

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

P.S. If you can, pause to pray for Repentance, Tuesdays, Noon Eastern


A Call To Prayer, Super Tuesday, Noon Eastern

For those of you who happen to read this, I would request that we join together this Tuesday, noon, eastern to pray…set it up on your calendar to stop for a minute and entreat God to grant this nation repentance.

Don’t pray for revival…we aren’t yet ready for that.

Don’t pray for relief. Don’t pray for rescue.

Pray for repentance.

Pray that a deep sense of guilt and shame would fall upon our nation.

Pray for a crushing weight of remorse.

Pray that a lament would rise within out souls and cry out in anguish.

We have rejected Truth and therefore know nothing of guilt.

We have rejected God and therefore have no sense of shame.

We have deified ourselves and gorge on pleasure and entertainment.

Our comedy is filthy, our music is debased, our movies are polluted.

Our homes are broken, our morals decayed, our economy hangs by a thread.

Hatred and discontent boils beneath the surface.

Greed, selfishness and sin rot our bones.

We are morphing into Sodom and partying on the way.

We know nothing of sin, nothing of guilt, nothing of shame.

Paul wrote that God is the one who grants repentance and that is why we must entreat Him to do so.

We are long past having a national conscience. We are long past having a sense of moral guilt.

We must ask God to crush us with shame.

A leading candidate, supported by evangelicals, mocks and makes fun of the disabled, belittles peoples appearance, threatens and bullies when opposed, expresses lust for his daughter, builds strip clubs, promotes gambling, declares he has never asked for forgiveness, uses foul language, speaks unkindly and arrogantly, and feigns to be a Christian. On the other side are candidates that support abortion, homosexuality, increasing tyranny, loss of freedoms and making dependents of more and more of the citizenry, destroying the fruitfulness of the nation. We are running pel mel into a horrible choice at the general election.

It is time to be on our knees.

If you are voting Tuesday, don’t vote for someone who will rescue. Don’t vote for someone to give you revenge. Don’t vote for selfish reasons. Don’t vote for someone to give you someone else’s property. Vote for someone who stands for righteousness. Vote for someone who will stand for what is morally right.

But…don’t ever think that the future of this nation rests upon one man or one woman.

It never has and it never will.

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

We have been deeply blessed. But those blessings have not come from us, they have been poured out upon us as a nation by the gracious hand of God. And just as He gave Israel the choice to choose life or death by choosing His ways or their ways, so I increasingly sense that we edge closer and closer to a final choice.

Carved in the Jefferson memorial:

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

If you sense, Remnant, as I do, that it is time to tremble for our country, then let’s do so. I’ll be praying Tuesday, noon, eastern for repentance.

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