I recently took an inventory of transforming influences in my life.  There are several easy to identify but The Truth Project is at the top.  I attended a training session in Atlanta early on, alone, and without much knowledge of what it would be like.  I just saw an ad in the Focus magazine and knew I wanted to go.  I had never done that kind of thing before but felt led to attend somehow.  The training experience was so transforming I immediately reviewed all the DVD sessions and then with my wife began leading groups.  The groups consisted of my local church leaders, members and also non members.  I think I remember eight groups in all that we have led.  Every group had at least one member who went on to lead their own group(s).  My local church also hosted the simulcast training.    I have shared TTP with our church missionaries while on their fur-lows, bought them a DVD set, and they in turn have taken it to other countries such as Greece and several countries in South Africa.  I'm sure there are countless similar stories others can share.  The icing on our cake was when Del visited our church and came to our home for an afternoon.  Thank you for sharing time with us and come back again!  So there's not a real way to track all the transformation God has accomplished in the lives of his children with the help of The Truth Project.  I only know how God has used it in my my life.  Transformation is life long and I look forward to the next ways God may use Del and Marc and their teams.  Ours prayers are with you and I echo Del in Soli Deo Gloria.


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  • Marc Fey

    Marc Fey

    Thank you, Dan, what an amazing testimony to God's good work in your life--and THROUGH your life!