How can I update my profile?

You can update your profile at any time, here’s how:  

  • Click the photo icon in the top right (your photo or an avatar image) and then click “Edit Profile”.  
  • Here you can edit what you created when you first built your account or add even more details about you – for example: load a photo, share other personal interests, where you’ve studied, your work history, and more.  



Tags are how we each identify ourselves and is the basis for how we then identify with each other. It is the master design behind the community platform and it is what we use to gather members around topics of worldview, blogs and the various other content we create,  as well as their professional fields, social issues, life stage, and where we live (or have interest) in the United States or around the world.  When you create your profile, you select a number of these tags. This allows us to help connect you to relevant content and other members.  You can update your tags at any point by clicking on your photo image in the top right, then click “Edit Profile”, then click “Communities” - don’t forget to click save.


How do the social sign-ins work (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)?

Many times we don’t want to create another account and save another username and password. You have the choice to create your account with simply a username and password or to use our social sign-in features.  When you click any of those social sign-on options, you will be prompted to agree to your intent to sign-in through that platform. We may pull in a few pieces to pre-populate your profile such as your name. Signing in with other social platforms helps your experience as we can show others of your friends who are also connected in the community.  


I forgot my password

No problem, just click here and we’ll email you a link to sign back in.

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