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Dr. Tackett's Engagement Project 10-week small group teaching program is delivered through Streaming and/or DVD. First, you will choose one of the two options, Streaming Only or Streaming + DVD. See the details and the two buttons below.

There is also a very short and simple "Host Training" which we ask you to complete after purchasing the program:

  • Watch Dr. Tackett's 4-minute "Engagement Project Commissioning" video which emphasizes the 3 essential priorities you need to successfully host The Engagement Project.
  • You will also have links to short videos and other resources to answer any questions you might have about hosting The Engagement Project.
  • Finally, you will get direct access to our team so you're never wondering what to do next! 


Two Ways to get The Engagement Project:

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  • Buy with Streaming Only (always have access), click the second button below.

Not sure? Order the streaming version now, then later add the DVD if you change your mind.

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