Del Tackett

by Del Tackett


When Infants Invade Adult Bodies

On Election Day, at lunchtime, I was at a park in Colorado Springs. On one corner of the park sits one of our big high schools. It was a nice day (normal for the Springs) and the students filled the park, several making out lying on the grass. On the opposite corner stood a young man, conservatively dressed, holding an American flag and a Trump sign. He had a radio on the ground, not very loud, but playing a conservative talk show. I sat at a bench near the young man because I was curious about what I saw happening.

As the students walked by, they shouted obscenities at him and Trump. I am not willing to repeat any of it, suffice to say it was as filthy and vile as you can get. Some spit toward him. As it was getting close to the end of their lunch hour, a group gathered in front of him and pummeled him with profanity and obscene gestures. One girl was screaming at him. I suppose even worse was that after they would shout their obscenities, they would then howl in laughter pointing at him as if he were a joke. Of course, in the world of child-like behavior, this is considered the cruelest of all taunts… to make another seem like a worthless outcast… insignificant scum.

Although I couldn’t hear what the young man was saying, he remained calm and would sometimes turn and wave at cars that would supportively “beep-beep” as they drove by. As I write this, I’m not sure if I was right or wrong to not jump into the middle of it. I was committed to offer help if it looked like it was going to escalate beyond words, but for now it was free-speech being played out, though admittedly disgusting.

After the lunch crowd had returned to their classrooms, I approached the young man and our conversation went something like this:

“Students were pretty rough on you.”

“Yeah. A lot of nasty stuff.”

“I’m impressed you remained calm through all of it.”

“Well, I kept telling them that obscenities didn’t add to the conversation and just encouraged any of them to simply enter into a civil discussion with me.”

“I’m sorry they didn’t do that.”

“Me too. I really wish we could just talk about the issues like adults.”

I think it was the “adult” word that helped frame some of this for me. I had, indeed, witnessed deep immaturity, with its pure emotional spewing and little to no rational thought.

I don’t go to the park all the time, but I’m there enough to occasionally hear their conversations. I remember one of the first times, next to a group of high school girls, in which I was dumbfounded at the filth of their language. I spent over 20 years in the military, and I’d never heard anything that matched it.

Where does this come from?

My heart sank as I experienced what was happening Tuesday. It was quite scary, actually, because I was not only looking at such deep expressions of hate and loathing, but I was also looking at the generation that is going to replace us all. It didn’t look good.

We woke this morning to the continued news that there are protests all around the country. Some have become violent and destructive. Interestingly, the chants of the protestors are much like those I heard in the park… quite childish, selfish and filled with hatred.

Where is all of this coming from? In the park, my first thoughts were to put the blame on the high school that was right on the corner, thinking that this was coming from their classrooms. But then something dawned on me after reading the list of “tweets” that went out from Hollywood and TV and music “stars”. They were all saying the same things, in “star” lingo, of course, but just as childish.

This is Cher’s mature tweet on the election:

“Trump will never be more than a toilet…”

Andy Cohen (along with all the other late-night talk show hosts):

“Did we just elect a snake oil salesman and his wicked court of terror…?”

Snoop Dogg:

“The worst day in America: 9/11. The second worst day: 11/9.”

Really? Worse than the Civil War? Worse than the trail of tears? Worse that Kennedy’s assassination… or Pearl Harbor or the stock market crash in 1929?

This is the mindless mantra of our “entertainment” empire. And it is here we find the prime tutor of our children.

The average teen consumes 9 hours a day of entertainment on their smartphone or TV. You may want to reread that or say it over to yourself: 9 hours per day of smartphone/TV entertainment. This domain of music, rap, video, shows, comedy, movies and gaming is cultivating a mind that is filled with sex, violence, obscene language and destructive ideas. It numbs them towards a true reality. It strips them of common sense. It erects in their heart, mind and soul a virtual world of all-about-me and my pleasure.

And if things don’t go my way, I throw my tantrums. I call people names. I stomp my feet and chant emotional non-sense.

And I demand. Like the 3-year-old girl I saw the other day stomping her feet, screaming at her mother, demanding her own way.

For 9 hours a day, our youth live in a non-real world where lyrics and scripts and rap words rhythmically and cinematically draw them into believing that the virtual world of the entertainment empire is the world we all ought to live in… the world we WANT to live in. It seduces. It hypnotizes. It frames a worldview that is totally self-centered and hedonistic.

And it is totally irrational.

It spews out the most hateful and vile stuff. It beats up people, destroys property, flips off the world and then smugly chants “love trumps hate”.

It is the la-la land of infants demanding to get their own way in their self-defined, virtual world.

The problem is that the infants are increasingly in adult bodies with lots of power.

Our addiction to entertainment will continue to stunt our culture's maturity. We must wean ourselves and our kids.

Here is what troubles me most, however. Immaturity, when it doesn’t get its way, will often erupt into a “make you pay” rage. I sense that is what we are seeing. But I fear it is only the beginning. We are going to be treated to a host of "See what you made me do!" and "This is all your fault!" and "You'll be sorry!" acts and situations and new stories and personal stories, ad infinitim.

Brace yourselves, for the revenge of self-centered infants who live in adult bodies and carry great wealth and power can, and will be, be scary. 



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  • Allen Gunning

    Allen Gunning

    This indeed is frightening! Our youth appear to be demonstrating the apostasy Isaiah details in chapter 64. The instruction in faith begins in the home. The home has so many distractions today we have no time for God. The organized church is fast becoming a footnote in our society.
  • Ruth Gervat

    Ruth Gervat

    If anything prepared me for this disturbing election time, it was leading five Truth Project groups. Over the years I saw our culture moving farther and farther from civility and farther and farther from God. So here we are.......
  • Mick O'Brien

    Mick O'Brien

    Why did Millions of Americans, with very strong moral convictions, take a very bitter pill when voting for Trump? Real food for thought for the Left .... if they are even willing to come to the banquet. The vitriolic protestors exhibit the Stockholm syndrome as their indoctrination would not allow them otherwise ... I PRAY for them as they were PREY; captives being fed 7 course meals everyday. Like Ruth G. TTP is dear to my heart and I have started to read, again, my TP Daily Travelogue. When dealing with inevitable Leftist tirades I must keep in mind the response question “how did you come to that conclusion” and ask it add infinitum until the logical conclusion is reached.
  • Brian Steward

    Brian Steward

    Parents, What is the pathway to maturity? We would never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world. Hellen Keller
  • Ruthann Sielken

    Ruthann Sielken

    Question: Are we allowed to copy small portions of the above, quoting Del Tackett, for purposes of sharing on our FB Timeline?
  • Jim Cooper

    Jim Cooper

    I am witnessing this happening to family members and it is painful to watch. The acid of atheism is eating at their souls and leading them to a very dangerous place now with an extremely tragic ending. It is very much like what a virus does to a computer. I went through this as a young man and it has taken years of "reprogramming" with the truth of God's Word to feel alive again. Prayer by my parents and the consequent work of God's Spirit is what I believe brought me back from the brink. Pray!
  • Mick O'Brien

    Mick O'Brien

    I just revisited Plato's "Allegory of the Cave” and also reflected on the Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Richard Kurz

    Richard Kurz

    I was at a retreat at Officers Christian Fellowship White Sulphur Springs 2 weeks ago. The speaker, Dr. David Kim described the current society as a train whose engine is Activism, whose fuel car is Emotion and whose caboose is Truth (which is used only when convenient). The other train had and engine is Faith, whose fuel is Truth (The Word of God) and whose caboose is Emotion. This second train is the one to be on if we are to be a faithful presence in this world.
  • G Logan

    G Logan

    While I appreciate the beauty of David Kim's word picture, I am disturbed not just by the inherent arrogance and self-righteousness (I see ALL kinds of emotions leading those professing Christ - especially in leadership - and the truth of God's Word being almost entirely ignored - but rather pop evangelical culture memes being the watch-word of the day). Further, I see that those without are often functioning in a much more honest manner with the integrity of truth rather than the sentimentally laden evangelicals. As Jesus said - the children of this age are wiser than the children of light.
  • Richard Kurz

    Richard Kurz

    Mr. Logan's comment is well taken. There are many professing Christians and sadly Christian leaders who have hopped on the first Emotion driven train. The point is that Scripture directs us to the Truth, Christ. It is the Truth in Scripture, first, which should be our fuel; not emotion. Emotion is appropriate at times, but secondarily at best.