My family and I moved to the Colorado Springs area about a month and a half ago. During this time it was somewhat difficult to find suitable housing as we have always traveled with 3 pets (a Golden Retriever and two small cats). But, God has always provided where He has sent us. After 5 weeks in hotels, wife, daughter, and the 3 pets, we were able to rent the upstairs of a house in the heart of the city. As soon as we moved in our daughter received a call about a job at a local French restaurant for which she had begun to apply, but wasn't sure she met the qualifications and gave up before completing the application. The caller asked her to come in for an interview and so she did. At the interview, she was told she would be notified only if they were interested in hiring her, and since she was shocked they called after not completing the application she wasn't sure where this would lead.

The next day (a day sooner than expected) she was notified she had been selected for the job. She worked for 3 days and on the 4th the owner pulled her aside when she arrived that morning and said that she was going to have to let her go because the Covid19 scare had considerably impacted the business. My daughter was upset and came home and prayed. To her, it seemed obvious that the Lord had aligned the job for her and she spent most of that day seeking His guidance. The following morning she asked me what I thought about her volunteering to work there until the panic and anxiety of the virus were passed. At first, I quoted Scripture telling her that a worker is worth their pay and that she should be sure and ask God what to do. Her faith is rock-solid and she did seek the Lord and came back with a resounding, "I believe I am not done there." The following evening the owner messaged her saying that she still did not know if she would be able to bring her back. Then again 2 days later (out of the blue) the owner messaged her again to basically give her the same answer as if she knew that our daughter wasn't done there. During this time my daughter did not suggest volunteering until after the second message, sensing that the Lord was not going to let this go, she then asked if it would be ok to work as an unpaid intern while they were training her, allowing her a chance to help them stay afloat. The owner was shocked and welcomed this and offered to pay her for any deliveries she made through online orders. 

This has been such a blessing from the Lord! Every day the business has been busier than ever expected! Every day my daughter comes home she has a bag of fresh French bread, soup, and pastries in her arms. Not only did God bless the French restaurant, but He, in turn, has blessed us through our daughter by supplying food daily in a time when it is easy to find nothing but empty shelves at the grocery store. 

I have heard that every dark cloud has a silver lining, Jesus is that silver lining! I could not be more proud of my daughter and the hard work she is pouring into a local business by serving in their time of need, looking past her own need to make a car payment, and realizing that God is an all comprehensive God that has thought of absolutely everything. It doesn't always look like we think it should in the beginning but He splits the sea when we can't begin to imagine His plan. I believe the business is going to succeed and prosper and through this, our daughter has gained a new family and friends that are seeing the light of Jesus Christ shining brightly in their time of need. 

Soli Deo Gloria 


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  • Jennie Zeitler

    Jennie Zeitler

    Thank you so much for sharing this story! God does such amazing things when we go to Him and trust Him. :-)
  • Jill Halseth

    Jill Halseth

    That was very impressive that this young lady was listening and waiting on the Lord for direction. Her offer to volunteer as an intern helped the business, her family and gave glory to God.