While watching and internalizing what I learned in The Truth Project video lessons more than 11 years ago, God was strengthening my faith and ultimately prepared me for something I could not have imagined. I was one of a group of people who left a nationwide church body and a congregation whose direction we disagreed with and joined with former members of another congregation in our small city. Together we formed a brand new congregation affiliated with a different nationwide church body. It was nothing any of us ever imagine we might be doing.

That was 10 years ago. For the first few years, we truly felt like we were wandering in the wilderness, as we worshipped in different school buildings (and even at the golf course clubhouse one Sunday when we were locked out of the school.) Since we were mobile-- planning, meeting, and storing worship supplies in our own homes-- God made that possible. That was a Sunday of incredibly powerful worship. 

One year after incorporating as a congregation, we purchased 32 acres of land with cash - something none of could possibly have envisioned. We live in one of the poorest counties of our state. Then we started a building fund. Four and a half years after we began, we moved into our newly-built church building.

It was The Truth Project and the strengthening of my faith foundation that prepared me to be a part of this mighty work of God. The lessons made me really think about what it was I thought I believed vs. God's truth.



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  • William Reingold

    William Reingold

    I have probably shown the Truth Project 30-35 times over the years to small groups: friends and neighbors, Church and home Bible Studies, men's Bible studies etc. I'm continually amazed how fresh Del's teaching appears every single time, always helping me see and understand the Truth of God and His Word more clearly. But what I love most about TTP is that it shows how God's Word applies to all spheres of our lives and culture. I am so personally grateful because TTP has radically changed my understanding of God's Word. "As a deer pants for the water" ... my wife and I look forward to "The Engagement Project." We prayer God will use The Engagement Project in mighty ways.