We just finished Tour 7. My husband and I had discussed having our neighbors over for a Saturday morning pancake breakfast in our barn since we can't get past gates on the drives to our neighbors farms. But we had an unexpected visitor SUnday night when our neighbo's cow showed up at the the fence to our pool, eyeing the flowers in our garden. Well we had a chance to meet this neighbor and initiate a relationship courtesy of their daughters 4H cow. Pray that they will join our pancake breakfast as well as our other neighbors on Sat, Nov. 20th. PS- the cow was a better neighbor than Del's pigs, he left our garden alone. :)

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  • Marc Fey

    Marc Fey

    What a great story, Gigi... that has God's fingerprints all over it! Thank you for sharing this story...
  • Doug Madison

    Doug Madison

    Hey, if God can have a donkey talk, he can use a cow to bring people to a relationship with Him. Wonderful story.
  • Michael  Hummel

    Michael Hummel

    Great story Gigi, as Del said, pray for the opportunity and God will provide!!