I have been praying for my neighbor. She has cancer and decided to stop treatments recently. I prayed that morning that the Lord would give me an opportunity to share Jesus with her. We visited for several hours but I never felt the Lord's leading or open door. We had a lovely visit. She opened up about her husband, his struggle with Alzheimer's and death. She shared about her dog Malcolm and that he was 16 and wasn't supposed to out live her husband. But as I walked home I prayed, discouraged that I hadn't shared Jesus. As I walked in my door, the phone ran and it was this sweet neighbor crying. She asked if I would come back quickly. Malcolm had fallen and couldn't get up. She decided she needed to have him put down. I was able to go back and help her get him in the car. I was able to comfort her and be with her. Her daughter arrived and took her to the animal hospital. As I was walking home the second time, I felt the Lord remind me of Dr. Tackett's pig in the garden story. The Lord had provided an opportunity. It just didn't look like I had planned. 🙂 But the story isn't over and I will keep praying for His will and opportunities.


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  • Marc Fey

    Marc Fey

    What a beautiful story, Beth! I am praying with you (as I know many who read this will be!). Thank you for sharing this story...very encouraging.
  • DeWayne Herbrandson

    DeWayne Herbrandson

    Love your heart to share Jesus with a neighbor. I know God will open the door to share at the right time. Right now, she knows you love her and are a support in her life.