Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is really real?

In 2010 my husband and I went to visit a friend out of town.  While there I was introduced to just a few videos of the Truth Project.  Every word rang true to me and I committed myself to find out more about this project. I could see that the “church”, that I, wasn’t really living as if I REALLY believed that what I believed was really real.   I researched the Truth Project and the underlying Barna study on Christians that hold a Biblical Worldview. 

I could see the culture around me decaying quickly with little to no significant help from the church, in fact, many in the church were marching to the same tune as the secular culture.

I began my first small group in April of 2011 with the goal in mind that this would not just be a one time “Bible Study” but that we would begin training facilitators and this would become a lifestyle, a commitment to a transformed culture.

In 2012 John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Action, asked me to run an “issues based” campaign office during the 2012 election.  I used the time on Sunday evenings to train our volunteers with the Truth Project.  Nearly 40 people went through the series and 6 Truth Project Facilitators were born. 

After the election, I had a strong group of believers that were trained to make a difference in their community.  The question they wanted answered was, “What do we do next?”   I felt that the Lord was, and had been, preparing me to answer that question.  In February 2013, Transforming Florida was born.  We are a non-profit organization with a commitment to Transforming Florida through Prayer, Biblical Truth and Community Involvement. 

As we examine our country and our culture over the past several decades most will admit that we have a serious problem.  However, many perceive it to be a political problem.  We do not have a political problem, we have a spiritual problem and we must quit trying to solve it politically.  A spiritual problem requires a spiritual solution. 

Since February, 2013 Transforming Florida volunteer Truth Project facilitators have been doing small groups almost on a full-time basis.  In these past 4 years, our team has done approximately 55 Truth Project Small groups.   That is between 13 and 14 new small groups each year.  Do we really believe that what we believe is really real?  I would answer emphatically, YES!  

The Truth Project has changed our lives and the lives of hundreds we have shared it with forever.  Daily we are confronted with that haunting question that Del confronted us with 4 years ago, “Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is really real.”


Mark Kober ~ Facilitator

Bronson Oudshoff ~ Facilitator

Gery Cuprisin ~ Facilitator

Nancy Davis ~ Facilitator

Glenn Pav ~ Participant

Betsi Burgess ~ Participant

Candis Flores ~ Participant

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  • Barry Alley

    Barry Alley

    Wow! What an excellent testimony, and a job well done! This is extremely inspiring. We need more Regina s.
  • Regina Brown

    Regina Brown

    Barry, thank you for your kind words. The Truth Project had, and continues to have, such a strong impact on me that I could do no less. As I told a close friend who suggested I may be to busy at one point to do another group, "If I don't do a Truth Project, I can't breath." there is nothing like watching the light come on in someone's life when they get the answer the answer to the question, "Why did Jesus come."
  • Elaine Grenon

    Elaine Grenon

    Thank you for your testimony. I had the same experience you had. Those words, "Do you believe what you believe is really real" still rings in my head. My husband and I ran a number small groups over the past ten years to present the "Truth project". We would like to do it again. We are finding many have not seen the project. We are blessed each time it is presented. We are living in a world where the truth is not presented - time to pray about having a new group and watch the folks transform into strong, committed believers. The Lord teaches us new things each time we watch it agin. Looking forward to the new project Del is puttinmg together. Elaine
  • Regina Brown

    Regina Brown

    Elaine, you are so right in that many have not seen, or heard of, The Truth Project. Since the production of TTP the culture continues to dramatically move away from God. It is imperative that we reach a new generation with the Truth. If young families just starting out don't have a Biblical foundation, a Biblical worldview, they cannot teach their children to have a Biblical worldview. We are seeing the evidence of this every where we turn. One thing I have seen though is that the world is ready to receive truth and this program is just as powerful today as it was 10 years ago. It is still changing lives. It is our responsibility to make sure they get a chance to participate. I look at each small group that I facilitate as a Facilitator Training program and depending on the size of the group get at least one, and sometimes two or three, new facilitators from each group. #ParticipateChangeLead
  • Bernadette  Anderson

    Bernadette Anderson

    I can relate 100% to what you say! Life-changing, to say the least. The Truth Project became known as "pudding" in our home because my young children could relate to my excitement to hosting a small group with that word. I'd say, we are having pudding tonight, and my little girl would get these big eyes and say, really? Then I'd explain that people were coming to encounter Jesus by watching The Truth Project, and she'd totally get it. Be a bit disappointed that there wasn't actual pudding, but the brownies recommended by Del did help ease the "pain"! Thank you, again, Del for visiting us in Cape Town and bringing this DVD series with you!!
  • Regina Brown

    Regina Brown

    Wow! Bernadette! That is great and from here on out Truth Project night will forever be known as Pudding Night in Florida. I will make sure the rest of the team sees this :-)
  • Karl Bunch

    Karl Bunch

    "What can I, as one person, do?" This is what we usually say to ourselves as a justification of why we should not take the next step in whatever arena of life we find ourselves in. But this is a lie from the enemy. One person can begin something positive or negative. Look what began from eating the fruit of the tree of Good and evil (by disobeying God's command): Life turned to sin and death. Look what began when God's man 'obeyed' to the point of death on the cross to begin the process of sin and death turned into Eternal Life through a commitment of others to believe in Jesus, the Truth of the Gospel message, obey the commands of Christ, and then live them out in the power of the Holy Spirit in opposition to the world system around them. Now lets change the original question, by rearranging the words from a 'question' to a 'statement of direction' to "As one person, what can I Do?" I can hear Isaiah responding to God's call in Isaiah 6:8 . . . Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” In the movie "Is Genesis History" we saw the effect of one man, Charles Darwin, shape a whole cultural world view that has darkened and blinded the eyes of people with a great lie. It is now mankind that says the five "I will" statements from Isaiah 14:13-14 - and with the same disastrous affect and effect. But thanks to Dell Tackett and team, each single person became part of, and presented, the greatest Truth that brings Spiritual Light to a world in Spiritual Darkness (see Day one of Genesis - where God is separating Spiritual Light from Spiritual Darkness - He's saying "Let there be ME", for God is LIGHT- see also John 1:5-9). Regina, thanks to your testimony of encouragement, we can now see "As one person, what can be done through obedience to God's leading and empowering of His Holy Spirit in, and through you". You have gone from the "one" to the "ONE" with the Godhead and His People. I believe that THIS is the purpose of what God is leading Del and others to do: it is being "yoked" to Christ and joining Him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit in "His burden" for the lost. It is what God said through Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:17-21: "God . . . gave us the ministry of reconciliation . . . God making his appeal through us". The Lord continue to Bless His work through you and others as “Each one uses whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Peter 4:10).
  • Racheal Fernandez

    Racheal Fernandez

    Such a great question to ponder. An amazing testimony to your answer of that question! Such a great testimony!