The Blessing of The Truth Project

The Fall of 2006 was the first time I heard about “The Truth Project” (TTP). I had a meeting with Marc Fey regarding the topic of education when he started to tell me about this new project he was involved with, called “TTP”. At the time, I was a Young Adults pastor at a church in Southern California, in which I dealt with many college students that were struggling with having a Biblical Christian worldview in a very secular and anti-Christian environment. As Marc explained the various “tours” and topics that were being covered, I knew I wanted to be a part of this unique and informative resource to help others understand how God is involved in every area of our lives.

Marc and I began to correspond over the next seven months as TTP team was getting ready to launch their Southern California conference in late Spring, 2007. After the Southern California conference, my wife and I started several groups throughout the church we attended, including the Young Adults group that met in one of our leader’s home. New groups started to replicate like wildfire, and I was blessed to be used by the Lord to start more groups at other churches as well. Overall, my wife and I have led over 24 TPs and have participated in many conferences in several states. We recently moved to Texas two years ago and have already led two more groups since we’ve been here.

The impact TTP has had on my life is tremendous. From my college days thirty years ago, to serving as a Marriage and Family pastor, having a Biblical Christian worldview is one thing, knowing how to apply it in everyday situations is another. While there is “nothing new under the sun”, Del Tackett has taken what the Lord has put on his heart and presented it in such a way where all participants are challenged to live out their Christian faith in every area of life. We are not to compartmentalize God only to the “religion” sphere of our lives. Rather, God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, whether that be our choices of entertainment, where we work, our families, how we view history, government, ethics, and so on.

The Truth Project has ignited a passion within me to help other believers to understand the importance of having a Biblical Christian worldview, and to discover what God has to say in His Word about the world in which we live in. Once this is understood, it is through relationships that I seek to help others discover their God-given gifts and talents, match them up with what they are passionate about, and then encourage them to put those gifts into service by getting involved in their communities. The Lord wants us to be involved in the lives around us, willing to be vulnerable by being authentic and transparent as we use our gifts and resources to serve others. TTP has been the catalyst that the Lord has used to motivate me into action, and to seek and apply His truth in every area of my life.


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  • Steven F Rushton

    Steven F Rushton

    I have gone through the Truth project a few times and enjoyed Del' presentation. I was dismayed to learn that he appears to be accepting the 6/24 hour day view of creation, have you pursued any other view. As thorough as you were on the Truth Project I assume you have.
  • Joseph Rispoli

    Joseph Rispoli

    Thanks for the post Steven, and I am glad to read that you have enjoyed TTP. I can also appreciate that you have gone through it a "few times" knowing that trying to take all the information in in just one or two viewings is like getting a drink of water through a fire hose! As for you being "dismayed" by Del appearing "to be accepting the 6/24 hour day view of creation," I would say don't let that be a stumbling block for you. Being that one's view of creation does not necessarily impact one's salvation, it is best to agree to disagree on nonessential issues. As for me personally, I have exhaustively studied the topic of origins for over 30 years! In fact, the whole "Creation vs. Evolution" debate was a hobby of mine for many years. I have attended numerous debates and conferences that covered evolution, creation, and theistic evolution. I spent countless hours at ICR in the early years, had a dear friend at the Creation Science Research Center in the 1980's, have attended conferences and debates with Hugh Ross from Reasons to Believe, and even was able to spend time with A.E. Wilder-Smith when he was alive. A.E. Wider-Smith held three doctorates and was a very brilliant man who went from being an atheist to a young-earth creationist. I suggest you read some of his material on origins. The whole topic of creation motivated be to become a science teacher, in which for years I taught Earth and Life Science, chemistry and biology. While in no way do I claim to be an expert on the subject, I do believe I can hold my own in most settings and defend what I believe and why. At the same time, I also respect those who hold a different view than me as to the age of the universe, and I do not let that interfere with my relationship with other Christian brothers and sisters. The enemy would love to have us fight among ourselves and cause division. While I love a good debate, I am not going to let these kinds of differences interfere with our mission to promote the gospel and defend the truth. Lastly, I do not struggle in this area like I did when I first started getting interested. At the end of the day, my finite mind cannot comprehend how God can take nothing, and make everything. As I look at creation I realize that I am but nothing, and while He has given me a mind to think, and to reason, I still have major limitations. Time is not a problem for me. Because even compared to eternity, what is 20 billion years! What is 20 trillion years! So why should I have a problem say, with 10,000 years? We are talking everything, from nothing. I guess if one wants to solve the age of the universe we should first find out how everything came from nothing. Then we can have a reference point to seek to discover "how long" it might have taken. Until then, let's focus more on what we can observe and do our part in proclaiming God's love to a very lost and broken world. I would love to chat some time if you are ever interested. Until then, keep praying for this ministry as I know those who are behind it are committed to truth and serving our King.
  • Steven F Rushton

    Steven F Rushton

    Thanks you Joseph for you comments! I read A.E. Wider-Smith when I was in college and was impacted by his incisive presentation that answers the shortsighted Evolutionary mindset. That is not an issue at all. Your gracious comments are exemplary for one who holds a young earth view. My main critique of the the position is the ungraciousness that is espoused. I have met Hugh Ross who is one of the most gracious and kind people i have met. One of his debates he asks the person that if they were to debate they not attack his person. They agreed and then in the debate he as by innuendo(a cowards approach) that he was the leader of a non- Christian construct. I have a friend who doesn't like him because he says the universe is so many billions of years old and give a plus or minus of .o###. Like he is showing off with using such precision. Well the fact is that 50 years ago the precision was much less than it it now. when doing scientific research the precision is based on the accuracy of the data and the data with the Hubble telescope and other data now allows that kind of accuracy. I am not a scientist but have been a xn for almost 47 years and have seen cn attack each other which gives the world a reason to reject Christianity. The was person sho came to our church with the you earth view. I tried to talk to him and indicated I would love to be there with him to talk to Ross...he said he would' talk to him. The dearth of information that has come about in the scientific realm belies any view of the origins being a few thousand years. The scientist looking at God's creation are being duped as there are countless means of telling the age of the universe and together they put a young earth position in a less than enviable position. I am not a scientist but I have a had a love for words and their limitations, I have known CS Lewis since I came a xn. IF anyone knew of the nature of words He did. The problem with young earthers is they do not see that at all and use there limited understanding to Hebrew to solidify a view th;at is subject to various interpretations and will not concede that particular view or even allow any other view. Their attack on other views or I should say the attack on the ones who hold other view goes against Paul's description of wisdom as "open to reason". The work YOM is not as definitive as they would like. Lastly I love A.E. Wider-Smith, as he too exhibited the graciousness which ought to universal with all christians. I heard him attacked by someone on the radio and he did not attack the person but the argument as does Ross. Lewis said "translate my limping metaphor" Humbly in His service, Steve
  • Kimberley Sweeney

    Kimberley Sweeney

    Barry Setterfield!
  • Anne Townesend

    Anne Townesend

    I am now studying with a small group this series for the third time. I have found that each time I am in a new place and understand even more as the journey progresses. First in 2010 and soon thereafter, now nine years later I am still seeing light bulbs go on for me with each viewing and participant discussion. This is an amazing series which in the early years of my Christian walk made a huge impact.