After watching the Royal Task session last night, we decided to begin Prayer Walking. While we know or are acquainted with our side and across the street neighbors, most others we don't; so other than the police officers and a couple others the prayers were pretty generic.

We then came upon a house where we had met and talked with the Mr. of the house, but could not remember his name. So I specifically asked that God would help me get it. We hadn't walked 15 feet when he came up the road in his work truck, stopped and we began to talk. His name is Jeff. GOD IS GOOD!

We are excited about starting a class after New Year's.  We ask prayer that the Holy Spirit would provide us the names of people who will take this life changing experience and use it to change other's lives.

God Bless the Truth Encounter ministry and all the leaders and participants currently learning/figuring out God's purpose in their lives.

Scott & Bev Tilman

Sapulpa, OK

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  • Marc Fey

    Marc Fey

    Thank you, Bev (and Scott) for sharing this story with us all at! What a blessing...and a reminder of one of the things Dr. Tackett teaches in the Engagement Project, "When we pray for something God already wants to you think He will answer that prayer?" God's favor and blessing in you and THROUGH you for His Kingdom!