I was sitting with Robert Woods, Jr. at a national academic conference when he asked me the question: "How do you integrate your faith as a Christian with your work in the [secular] Academy?" I hadn't realized it until he asked me, but this was something I'd been mulling over for years. So I went upstairs to my hotel room and pounded out 1000-word answer on my laptop. My experiences at the Focus on the Family Institute (from over 20 years ago) and in participating in The Truth Project helped shape my understanding that faith integration isn't something I do, but it is who I am. The question and my response helped fuel a dialogue. Robert and I decided that if we really wanted to serve the Body of Christ that was working in State Universities, we would need to collect stories from others, too. We started asking friends and colleagues the same question about how they authentically lived their faith in an environment where Christ is often held in disrepute and the belief system of the day rules. We published the answers in a book geared for graduate students and faculty working in Higher Education. 

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