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EP Conference in Idaho

I grew up in Idaho, so I am excited about our conference there this week. If you happen to be able to join us, I would love to see you there. We will be at Watersprings Church starting at 9am on Saturday, August 20.

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Conversion Therapy, Evangelism & Godly Counsel—Becoming Illegal in US?

President Biden recently issued an Executive Order[1] against “conversion therapy”. When I first heard this my initial thought was “wait, isn’t Christianity a conversion therapy”? Doesn’t Christianity rest upon the hope that God can forgive repentant sinners and completely transform them such that they are described as being “reborn” and a “...

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See You In Gillette Wyoming!

On July 9th, I will be in Gillette, Wyoming for another Engagement Project leader conference. With all that has recently happened, I suspect we are going to have a very interesting time! It will be a small group, so we should have lots of time for interaction. If you can make your way there, it would be great to see you. We start at 9am and finish at 2pm. Go to the events tab above to regist...

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The Federal Slaughter Ends!

For many of us, the hope of overturning Roe v. Wade was a little beyond imagination. But it has happened. The Federal endorsed slaughter of millions of babies as the consequence of an unconstitutional and immoral ruling has come to an end with today’s Supreme Court’s decision. It will not bring those babies back. They are all gone. But maybe the Lord’s favor...

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Health, Wealth and Other Christian Misconceptions

If you happen to be in Colorado Springs on June 23, 2022, you may wish to join me at Village Seven Presbyterian Church for their "Grace and Grub"... food and fellowship and some teaching. I will be teaching on the misconceptions that have crept into the Christian mind and heart regarding our relationship to God. Is the relationship that we have because of Christ a "Give and Get&q...

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Uvalde: Inanimate Objects, Documents or Vitiated Minds?

Another mass shooting. Little children dead. An eighteen-year-old, Salvador Ramos, killed them two days before they were to start their summer vacation. And, once again, we get the same old rhetoric from all sides—all a thousand miles away from the problem and therefore the solution. We don't need blind rhetoric. We need divine wisdom and guidance. We need biblical prudence. Ins...

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The Apex of History

I have an incredible chart of history. It shows the spread of people groups, the rise and fall of world empires, the modern world wars, major epidemics, important discoveries and inventions—thousands and thousands of key events in the chronology of human affairs from creation week until it was published in 1992 and given to me as a phenomenal gift. I refer to it often. But none of thes...

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Cancelling Religion and Parents

For behold, your enemies make an uproar; those who hate you have raised their heads. They lay crafty plans against your people; they consult together against your treasured ones. Psalm 83:2-3 The headline in our newspaper read: “Religious reference upsets D-20 parents”. Our local school district is having a battle. A new Board Member thinks parents should have mo...

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Standing by While the Weak Are Raped

We have all heard of the unforgivable situation where people stand and watch someone being mugged or beaten to death. I wrote earlier about the brazen nature of crime in our country and how people simply stand by and watch it happen, afraid to intervene. This, of course, is what happens when we lose the vision and responsibility of being Noble Males and Virtuous Females. We care more about o...

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Surging Crime and a Look At Its Causes

“Crime is first a moral issue. Failure to address it on that level ensures it will only get worse.” Cal Thomas Unless you are a Rumpelstiltskin, you must be keenly aware of our culture’s surging crime. In our own city, we have had eight murders already this year compared to only one by this time last year… and last year we set a record high for murders. This is in...

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