God's Character & Nature Reflected in His Design for All of Life

What if each of us prayed and responded to God's call for us to be agents of change for the Kingdom, helping to align His creation to His design? 

Restoration Starts with Each of Us

When we've been awakened to a Biblical view of the world, and engage the people God has providentially placed in our lives, we are poised to find our call to bring restoration to our culture/generation.

Restoration is a Family Affair

What if the problems we see in families have everything to do a missing vision to impact the world? In other words, when we embrace restoration as a family, our families experience the restoration we seek to bring.

Restoration Transforms the Spheres

Through the Restoration Project Dr. Del Tackett will show you hw to pursue a path to impact a specific area of culture, based on God's truth, your passions, and God's leading in your life.

Interested in the Restoration Project?

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