The Filming of the
Engagement Project

In December we achieved a major milestone in the journey to produce the next Biblical worldview resource. As many of you were following the story, you know that 3 key factors took place making this achievement possible.

First, God's people prayed. Del and the entire team saw the power of prayer at work through the transformation that happened in students' lives, as well as through the skill and gifting and wisdom of the film crew. 

Second, many of you gave financially to make the filming possible. To date we are 90% to full funding, which is evidence of God's generosity and provision through you.

Finally, we see the friends and partners and influencers and organizations and myriad of God's community coming to this effort, with sleeves rolled up and faith high, to be a part of this new effort. We give thanks to God that He appears to be placing His hand of blessing upon this project, and we give thanks to each of you for your commitment to impact those you love with God's Truth through this resource, the Engagement Project.

Dr. Tackett talks candidly on the need for the Engagement Project.

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